Spiral Jet Crusher of Amino ACID

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Everyone knows that choosing a product or service, to understand from all aspects of the milling machine, service, quality, etc.

Spiral Jet Crusher Of Amino Acid Applied to the ultrafine pulverization of materials, after extracting disposal, the properties of the powder will change, during the impact, is high viscosity, easy to cake . Powder is extremely prone to aggregation in the feed opening, pulverizing cavity and exhaust pipe, requires special treatment processes and specific design. Shan dong alpa design-developed material smashed hit in the crushing of materials.

SPIRAL JET CRUSHER OF AMINO ACID Compressed Gases Inside the material particles in the bucket into the disc shocking chamber 3 by the high-speed jet produced by the feed nozzles, a number of jet nozzles are provided around the crushing chamber. The high-speed fluid is sprayed in the direction, producing an ultra-high-speed swirl in the crushing chamber. The coarse particles in the opposite ultra-high-speed swirls in the superiospantial cyclone generate hit and friction in the intersection, and the particles were quickly pulverized. When the particles are pulverized to the fractional particle size below the fractional particle size, the centrifugal force of the particle movement is reduced, and the grading swirling is separated from the center outlet under action, and is collected from the center outlet. Such a pulverizer, the motion of the particles can be decomposed into two components in both directions. In one direction, the direction of movement of the particles is substantially consistent, and there is no significant impact pulverizing effect, and only in the other direction, the particles are opposite, and the particles produce effective impact. Therefore, this impact of the intersection is limited, and the energy of ultra-high-speed moving particles has not been fully utilized, so the production energy consumption is still high.

Spiral Jet Crusher of Amino Acid works by a classifying machine, a cyclone separator, a dust collector, and a veneer. Under the pulverizing fan puller, the lower end of the gas pulverizer is moved upward to the hierarchical region, and the thickness and fine product are separated from the strong center of effort to the high-speed rotation grade turbine. The cyclonic separator or dust collector is collected by the grading wheel, and fine particles required to meet the particle size are collected, and the coarse particles are collected. The velocity of the entrained fine particles disappears and falls along the two towers of the cylinder wall. The crude particles and fine particles are separated by strong purification of the two winds, and the fine particles rises twice as the grade region, and the crude particles drops to the discharge port.

Ultraflight SPIRAL JET CRUSHER OF AMINO ACID Operating Regulations

1. Check whether there is oil in the lubrication before booting.

2, clearing the metal, sand, stone and other debris in the material to prevent damage to the machine.
3, the hand must not reach into the feed port, and the cover must not be opened in the operation.
4, the screen aperture should be appropriately selected, and the damage is required.
5. It is strictly forbidden to lose weightMove, the machine runs a minute and then feeds, and the water is injected.
6, the air is idling in front of 2 minutes to turn off the machine.

AlPa Hard Paste Powder Spiral Jet Crusher of Amino Acid Case Sharing:

A gypsum company is an integrated enterprise, production, sales, export, production, sales, export, production, sales, export, production, sales, export, production, sales, export, production, sales and export of gypsumThe company's products are widely used in building materials, molds, food, medicine, rubber, plastics, coatings and other industries.

The company adopts advanced modern production equipment and leading production technology, natural gypsum, natural plaster powder, desulfurized gypsum powder variety, high grade, quality, and export to all parts of the country, partially exported to Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Egypt and other countries are favored by users.
Case parameters:
Product particle size: 4-15um
Hour Yield: 3-6T

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