Air Classifier Mill for polyethylene

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It is well known that the product technology of Air Classifier Mill for polyethyle has received extensive attention from the industry.

Air Classifier Mill for polyethylene is based on the size, shape, and density of centrifugation, no water, no water washing, complete dry, can obtain a narrower, non-polluting micropowder, non-polluting micro powder;
Efficient Grading, eliminating wear technology, reliability, no leakage technology, large particle control technology, fine powder extraction technology, complete, stabilized flow field design technology, constant gas-solid concentration is more than design technology, regulate a certain number of product yields;
Small wear, can be highly pure, ultra-narrowly machined ultrafine powder, avoiding the wear of the horizontal grade machine. Under the same material, the service life of the equipment is more than 5 times the ordinary classifier;
High grading accuracy, stable and complete hierarchical flow field, and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles, vertical Circulation in the turbine grading machine guarantees qualified product particle size;
full-negative pressure, no dust pollution, equipment does not need to do the foundation, convenient for maintenance and maintenance. Online detection can be implemented according to user needs, and automatic automatic unmanned production operations are implemented.

AIR Classifier Mill for Polyethylene's pulverization chamber is arranged in a particularly designed high-pressure air nozzle, which is purified and dried, and is squeezed from the nozzle to form an ultrasonic air flow. Materials collide in the center of the high-speed airflow intersection, and it is pulverized in an instant. The pulverized particles rose to the grading chamber, and the qualified particles enter the cyclone separator with the gas, and finally obtain the desired product, the exhaust gas enters the dust collector.

The turbine grading system set in the classification room can obtain a powder of micrometers or even finer. When the pulverized material is pulverized in the pulverized chamber, the same particles at the edge of the turbine will be attached to the two different effort of the centrifuge field (i.e., centrifugal force and airflow resistance generated by turbine). When the particles are large, the centrifugal force is greater than the resistance, and the large particles fly toward the chamber pool wall along the turbine tangential direction, and then returned to the pulverizing chamber to be re-pulverized. When the particles are small, at this time, at this time is less than the resistance, the small particles enter the interior of the turbine with the rising airflow, and collectively collected by the cyclone to qualified products.

AIR Classifier Mill for polyethylene's daily maintenance is a very important part, which introduces the maintenance method of Air Classifier Mill for polyethylene.

1. When the machine starts or starts, the appropriate amount of grease should be applied to ensure its life.
2 Check if the screws and nuts of each component are fastened. Check if the belt is smashed, whether it is tight.
3, regularly check the reliability of the equipment, prevent accidents or accidents.
4, the direction of operation of the spindle should be correct. If it is incorrect, it should be handled in time to avoid damage to the machine.
5, equipment maintenance should be carried out by professional and technical personnel, and others must not be carried out to avoid damage to the equipment.
6, electrical components and lines should be checked regularly, whether it is intact, and the ground is reliable.
7. The equipment should be cleaned in time to prevent the next use to avoid contaminating materials.

ALPA Light Bagne Air Classifier Mill for polyethylene case sharing: This customer is a device company, focusing cement, mine, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, etc., mainly engaged in rough grinding in these industries, etc. Equipment, the customer needs a more suitable airflow classification equipment for its customers, and has been used to select our ALPA air classifier. Buy two devices. Product particle size: D80: 15μm hour yield: two 15t / h.

Our AlPA classifier can support ball mills, vertical grinding, Raymond mill, mechanical mill, etc., welcome customers to visit, incompetent experiments.
Shan Dong Alpa is a scientific and technological private enterprise producing various airflow pulverities, airflow mills, disc gap pulverities, disc air crushers.

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